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Thread: Dreambox Control Center for Enigma2 (DCC-E2)

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    Cool Dreambox Control Center for Enigma2 (DCC-E2)

    DCC-E2 v1.42 (03.10.2011)

    DCC-E2 v1.42

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    work this tool with dflash, for clonebox?

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    DCC-E2 v1.50

    DCC-E2 v1.50

    Support OE2.0
    Functions with the problems OE2.0 had been revised so that they now work together with OE2.0 and also with the previous OE1.6. Please note that the status OE2.0 still "experimental" and thus has yet to incorporate changes that some functions may in turn call into question!

    Plugin management (tools / packages) completely revised
    The new plug-in management now also has a subdivision of the categories (types) that can be optionally selected via a combo box. The list now contains the name of the plugin as well as the short description. After double-clicking on an entry in an extended package information is displayed.

    Support dFlash 06.02
    The backup script has been taken from the current dFlash 6.2 and should now continue with the previous order and will also work with the current version.

    Memory Info revised
    To display the mount point of the device name was added, as can otherwise arise when using some plugins (eg Rambo) multiple entries with the same mount point but with different device names ..

    Optional display of any box name
    Now, any optional info text for example are shown as box-name behind the program title, if an entry manually to dcc.ini in the section "Network" is added, eg:
    Box Name = DM800-living
    This extension was made on explicit user request and should only be used if a multi-E2 DCC installed in different directories should be assigned to drive speakers. However, if the IP within a DCC-E2 changed occasionally, ausdrücklichempfohlen this option is not to use!

    Bug fixes
    Telnet: Fixed disappearing cursor on the bottom.
    LiveTV: Memory channel change and conflict to end the program fixed.

    Up to the package information, there were no changes in the text-based resources, why should all language files of the previous version continue to be used.

    DCC-E2 v1.50

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    thnax , i would prefer downloading directly from bernyr site , coz 4shared r asking registration & login , better for other members to download directly from here DCC-E2 v150

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