• TSmedia enigma2 plugin

    TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

    complete management of internet media mainly IPTV,internet radio,movies,tv shows,tv series

    -Inlcude IPTV,Movies on demand,radio online,TV series and Tv shows
    -Favorite group to let user to add his favorite items here
    -The user is able to export any stream entered to user_stream group to bouquet format to browse as any dvb channel
    -self upgradable plugin
    -updatable IPTV,radio collections and user_uploads
    -search and sorting available form movies,tv series and tv shows
    -subtitle player included for translation

    also more sites will be added in next releases like movie2k and istream and many else
    Note:all plugins Movieonline,TSonlineTV and radioOnline will be stopped because included in TSmedia

    The parsing techniques for 1channel and filmon based on fantastic plugin MediaPortal,thanks for the coder
    Download and Installation:
    -Directly from TSpanel from TSpanel-addons-Tunisiasat dreambox addons-TSmedia Tsmedia-oe1.6_1.0_all or Tsmedia-oe2.0_1.0-r0_all

    -or from the links down
    copy the ipk file to box tmp folder and by telnet
    copy the following command and paste in telnet windows

    for oe 1.6 images and openpli2.1

    opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk
    for oe2.0 and openpli3.0 images
    opkg update
    opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
    for oe2.0 images and openpli3.0 may be these packages needed to play stream





    or install directly from
    TSpanel-addons-Tunisia-sat dreambox addons-TSmedia


    oe1.6 and openpli2.1

    OE2.0 and openpli 3.0 images


    TV series 1channel

    Filmon radio collection

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    TSmedia enigma2 plugin

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    TSmedia enigma2 plugin

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    Yes there are multiple problems between vix and TSmedia,unfortunately i do not have vix in any of my box

    TSmedia enigma2 plugin

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