• New driver 1.04b for SR4 by PRZ ITALY

    New driver 1.04b for SR4 by PRZ ITALY

    For Sunray dm800se-sr4 sim2.10 only

    Download Here 1.04b

    Release note:
    Here the last version of the trialtuner driver (1.0.4b).
    In this version I should have fixed the following bugs:
    - Fixed FEC capabilities on DVB-C tuner. Works with dvbapi 5 (but not new openpli with full dvbapi 5 migration).
    - Using HP code-rate of DVB-T parameters for QPSK inner FEC.
    - Fixed usbtuner e vtuner using appropriate wrapper (few days for their releasing).
    - Switch from DVB_ALGO_HW to DVB_ALGO_SW on dvbapi for tuning software support.

    - Build new driver versions with full dvbapi 5 support.

    - Enigma2 crashes on some DVB-T channel (ex. Rete4) with Vhannibal DVB-T settings.
    It may be fixed doing an automatic scan on DVB-T tuner without deleting current channels.
    - Decoder freezes when changing channel on other tuner during registrations. No solutions. Only
    locks are available on Enigma2 gui, not managed from driver.

    Prz official site : http://www.sim2800.com

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