• Dream Elite 3.0 DM800SEHD-ramiMAHER #ssl84b

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    Dream Elite 3.0 DM800SE-ramiMAHER #ssl84b

    enigma 3.2.1 : patched by ramiMAHER
    driver: 09.11.2011 original

    by ramiMAHER

    Dream Elite 3.0 DM800SE-ramiMAHER #ssl84b


    Dream Elite 3.0 DM800SE-ramiMAHER #ssl84b
    This article was originally published in blog: Dream Elite 3.0 DM800SEHD-ramiMAHER #ssl84b started by ramiMAHER
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    Hello Dreamoen

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    I have a problem with sunray sr4 triple tuner the tuner jammed now have i instal

    Hello Dreamoen

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    lobo do lis

    My question is a request,
    my deco accept previous images of 2014, for ex
    (opensource 2.1 20131210 original; openPLi 4.0-beta 20131028)

    vusolo2 image

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    If you have a new flash ic chip from chinese then I would personally flash with Rami's BH 2.1.4 sunray safe image (from this forum) the very first time

    How to recover Vu + solo2

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    OpenVix Apollo 152 with XBMC (for Sunray Solo2)
    Sky looking setup

    Source Date: 01/03/15
    Kernel: 3.13.5
    Drivers: Current

    OpenVIX Apollo Backup ($ky looking setup) - Sunray Solo2

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